Visitor Alan Rudnicki was kind enough to share these gorgeous photos of the Two Oceans Aquarium on our Facebook page. We asked him to tell us more …

I am a medic in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and have been for the past 26 years, starting at a very early age. I am 45 years old at present and I live in the Table View area in Cape Town.

The Two Oceans Aquarium is in one of the most sought-after locations in Cape Town: the V&A Waterfront Marina

I have had an interest in photography for a few years but have taken it seriously (more as a hobby in my free time) for the past two years. I am an amateur photographer and will never profess to be a professional (yet...) I have had no formal training and am self-taught.

Slender snipefish are distantly related to seahorses and pipefishes

My photography is an “escape” from my day job in the EMS. I absolutely love working for the EMS however, to relax on my off days, I find that taking photos takes my mind off my work.

Black musselcrackers have powerful jaws with a set of impressive teeth

And, most importantly for me, I love how my photography brings so much joy to so many people, friends or strangers...

The tubes anemone’s worm-like body can be up to 150mm long

I have visited the Aquarium quite a few times, and each time I still love it.

The Moorish idol is notable for its wide distribution throughout the Indo-Pacific ... and for its super-long dorsal fin

I was very impressed by the Jelly Gallery and the staff were extremely friendly, which definitely makes a person return to a place.

Box jellies are found off the west coast (cold water) of South Africa and are often encountered in swarms by scuba divers

The Jelly Gallery is like a different world and I loved the colours shining through the water.

Many fish have the ability to change sex - clownfish change from male to female

Besides the jellies, I always love the clownfish as one enters, and the giant spider crabs. I am so fascinated by their size. And the tunnel is amazing too!

My family and I love the feeling of serenity as we enter the Aquarium. And my 3,5-year-old nephew loves any kind of animal and he was seriously in his element.

West Coast rock lobster grow very slowly and can live to the ripe old age of 50 years

He loved crawling behind the West Coast rock lobster display and looking through the water. And the “jelly baby” area. He loved the clownfish too.

It's always a challenge photographing moving animals, especially fish as they dart around.

Another challenge when photographing the fish is trying to block out reflections and lights shining on the fish tanks. I don't PhotoShop my photos so I try to get it perfect with the challenges mentioned.

The African penguin is endemic to southern Africa, and endangered 

I either get a friend or family member to stand in front of the light or reflection before getting my shot. As for the fast moving fish, I use a sports mode on my camera and take a few shots till I get the right one.

Rockhopper penguins are the smallest of the crested penguin species

The main subjects I enjoy photographing are flora and fauna. However, I do other types of photos too.

Eels are fish, not snakes

My photos are never just a snap of what I see. It either tells a story or has that wow-factor... Not to blow my own trumpet!

These egg cases, colloquially known as a mermaid's purse, is a casing that surrounds the fertilized eggs of some sharks, skates, and rays

Photography for me, as mentioned, is firstly an escape from my full-time job. I have had so much positive feedback from so many people, friends and family.

Rays are bottom-dwellers which use camouflage and toxic spines or electric shocks to defend themselves against predator

At the moment I do photography for pleasure and don't expect any financial reward. Social media is a wonderful way to gain exposure and I have found that over the past two years I've had such an awesome response to my work.

Anemones are simple animals that look like delicate flowers. But these “flowers” can move and catch prey

The big, popular radio station in Cape Town, KFM, even donated a stunning camera with many attachments to me almost one year ago, in association with Cameraland Cape Town. This was a totally unexpected surprise and I was interviewed live during peak time. I was under the impression I was being interviewed solely about my photography and my passion. Little did I know during the interview a massive gift had been organised just for me. I felt so overwhelmed and very humbled.

Giant spider crabs are the largest crustaceans in the world – males grow to approximately 1m in length with a 4m leg stretch.

You can follow Alan's work on his Facebook page. Thanks for visiting us and casting your talented eye over our exhibits, Alan. Come back soon!  

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