Introducing the Two Oceans Aquarium Student Environmental Action (SEA) Team: A group of inspired young individuals committed to conserving, protecting and respecting the environment. These individuals all graduated from the Two Oceans Aquarium Environmental Education Centre’s Young Biologist course, a free course for grade 10s that is run through our Marine Sciences Academy. A new committee will be voted in every six months. They are tasked with organising two major beach clean-ups every year as well as one bigger project in pursuit of abundant and healthy oceans for life.

Who is the SEA Team?

Back row: Sarah, Dané, Frances and Ciara.
Front row: Herman, Kyle, Ben and Justin.

What is the SEA Team?

A group of student volunteers who are committed to raising awareness about environmental issues and the ocean.

What is our aim?

We, the SEA Team, would like to conserve our coastline and protect our valuable resources. We would also like to promote a sense of respect, especially in our youth, towards not just our marine ecosystem but the environment as a whole.

Why are we YBs?

A Young Biologist – or YB – is a student volunteer that has completed a seven-day course run by the Aquarium's Environmental Education Centre team. The course teaches us about the different aspects of the ocean and the importance of the ocean to humans.

Why are we focusing on the youth?

We believe that by educating the youth we are educating the future leaders of our country who will go on to spread their knowledge.

Meet the team

Kyle Harrison (age: 15) from Fairmont High School

I am an outgoing person who loves adventure in the outdoors, and nature. I work hard to achieve my goals and I love obtaining new skills or knowledge as I believe it helps in achieving goals.

My favourite sea creatures are dolphins and shrimp. Dolphins because they are beautiful, and shrimp because, on some parts of the coastline, you find shrimp that tickle your feet - it’s quite funny.

I joined the SEA Team because I saw it as an opportunity to practise my leadership and teamwork skills while doing what I enjoy (helping the ocean). I am truly grateful for the opportunity.

Ciara Weight (age: 16) from Curro Durbanville

My pastimes include binge-watching series, drawing, gaming, reading, trying to find snakes, scorpions, spiders etc. and trying to find my new favourite song. I'm a bit of an introvert and prefer being away from the crowd, but I'm friendly towards and supportive of others.

My favourite sea animals would be the goblin shark, because of its strange looks, and the sperm whales or cachalot because they are just awesome.

I like to be involved in stuff despite being an introvert and would like to be part of something a bit bigger and help out on a larger scale.

Ben Heather-Clark (age: 16) from Camps Bay High School

I like sports such as surfing, water polo and soccer. I also really enjoy nature. I love the sea and everything that lives in it! I have loads of pets at home and always enjoy spending time in the water or immersed in nature.

My favourite sea creature is the dolphin - dolphins are so intelligent and friendly to surfers.

I wanted to join the SEA Team so that I would have the opportunity to be actively involved in helping to save the environment.

Frances Hill (age: 16) from Reddam

I am fascinated by the ocean because it is a majestic body of water. We know so little about it, yet we rely on it so much.

I want to be part of the SEA Team because I want to be part of something great. I feel that my voice will be heard and action can take place. It opens my doors to new adventures and allows me to interact with likeminded people.

I will be more connected to the Two Oceans Aquarium and be part of the bigger movement to save our ocean.

I love jellyfish … Just putting it out there!

Sarah A Hendricks (age: 15) from Claremont High School

I am passionate about animals, specifically dogs. I’ve always loved being outdoors, being out on the mountain is my favourite. Cycling and touch rugby are my two sports. Literature is something I adore, along with my family.

The state of the oceans appalls me and I’d like to do something about it. My love for turtles has sprouted a new-found hate for straws and non-recyclable, non-biodegradable plastic.

And lastly, Claremont High School has taught me to grab new opportunities with both hands, and the SEA Team is a good opportunity.

Justin Daniel Burger (age: 15) from Parel Vallei High School

I enjoy working with people and marine life. I am an avid diver. I enjoy outdoor activities such as diving, surfing, fishing and hiking. I have a passion for life.

My favourite sea creatures are crayfish, tuna and the great white shark.

I wanted to join the SEA Team because I knew that I could help achieve the goal of preserving our coastlines and oceans.

Dané Meyer (age: 15) from Hoër Meisieskool Bloemhof

I am an extrovert and I am completely in love with the ocean and everything about it. I love spending time outside and going on crazy adventures. I love challenging myself and those around me to be better and do better daily. I am very fond of nature and look forward to making a difference in any way possible.

My favourite sea creatures are sharks, sunfish, sea turtles, and the Mexican walking fish (axolotl).

I saw the SEA Team as a great opportunity to learn more about my environment and to make others aware of what is going on around us and how we affect the sea life. I want to make a difference, and what is better than doing it with fellow ocean lovers?

Find the SEA Team on:

Facebook: Two Oceans Aquarium - SEA Team

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