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Stunning video of sardines at the Aquarium!

By Two Oceans Aquarium / 22 June 2010

Jacques de Vos aka Day Is Coming, a loyal and productive member of our official Flickr group, uploaded this amazing video of the sardine bait ball being released into the I&J Predator Exhibit last week.

We could watch it over and over again … A video is worth a thousand words!

Read more about the sardine bait ball.


  1. Renee
    Renee’s avatar
    22/06/2010 #

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again- I love my job! Where in the world is it possible for anyone to experience this kind of incredible occurance in your office?

  2. Abby Aquarist
    Abby Aquarist’s avatar
    22/06/2010 #

    Amazing little fish those sardines!  Lucky visitors who got to see this release!

  3. Carola
    Carola’s avatar
    29/06/2010 #

    Absolutely incredible! Must come in and see it for myself!

  4. Carola
    Carola’s avatar
    29/06/2010 #

    Absolutely incredible - even on the small screen! Will obvioulsy need to come in to see it for myself up close and personal. Well done TOA!

  5. Dude
    Dude’s avatar
    30/06/2010 #

    Wow, looking at the views on the right there this video is going to become the ‘Most Popular’ post on this blog :P


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