Video: Ban the single-use plastic bag – this idea’s time has come

By Ingrid Sinclair / 16 May 2012

Hayley at Indaba 2012 in Durban Hayley at Indaba 2012 in Durban

“We all know that plastic is contributing to the literal death of our planet, but are we really personally willing to do anything about it?”

This was the question posed by Two Oceans Aquarium Senior Bird Trainer Hayley McLellan at TEDxSeaPoint, an inspiring event held in Cape Town in March 2012.

Watch Hayley’s hard-hitting talk below – she received applause throughout the talk and convinced most of the delegates present that it was time to say no to the single-use plastic bag.

Hayley’s passion doesn’t extend to one TED talk only. On Monday, she was at Indaba in Durban – Africa’s biggest travel trade expo – to convince members of the tourism industry to Rethink the [plastic] Bag.

Says Hayley: “For five years now I have been refusing the plastic bag, and I’m doing OK. I’m not feeling deprived, and I’m not feeling inconvenienced.”

Do yourself, and Mother Nature, a favour and watch this video today. Not only do single-use plastic bags have a massive carbon footprint, but they pose a very real and deadly threat to animals on land and in the sea.

Did you know? We, the Two Oceans Aquarium, have banned the plastic bag in our place of work.

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  1. Ivisson
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    20/06/2012 #

    Hayley,There is something beutaiful in the way you write. The images your words conjure up are very vivid, and I feel like I am the cat. Keep writing and sharing. You are inspiring.Deb