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Water bottles that take only 80 days to biodegrade!

By Two Oceans Aquarium / 16 August 2010

Next time you buy bottled water from Shoreline Café at the Aquarium, you can drink easy in the knowledge that the bottle you’re sipping from is made from 100% renewable plant material. Working closely with Discovery Water, Shoreline Café is the first – and only – outlet in South Africa to sell water in these amazing bottles, which take approximately 80 days to degrade in an industrial composter. 

What’s more, the water in the bottles is our own filtered water, and we can therefore proudly say that the water we sell is “bottled at the source” – meaning we’ve cut out the need for long-distance transport of the product, which results in increased greenhouse-gas emissions because of the use of fuel.

Discovery Water was instrumental in helping us create this sustainable solution. They are experienced in helping the hospitality sector reduce their carbon footprint by adopting broad-based plans that deal with all aspects of water resources.

Look out for the “7” on the bottom of the bottle – this number indicates that a product is made from polylactide, which is biodegradable and made from renewable plant resources like cornstarch or sugarcane. It can’t be mixed with “number 1” plastics or PET, which are most often found in cooldrink bottles, mouthwash bottles, plastic peanut butter containers and so on.


  1. Shaheemah Clarke
    Shaheemah Clarke’s avatar
    25/08/2010 #

    These are fantastic news. Just hope the industry will follow n use this product.

  2. Mai'Lin Knight
    Mai'Lin Knight’s avatar
    04/11/2010 #

    I think making water bottles from a renewable source instead of fossil fuel is the way forward. What I would like to know is where I can found out how many industrial composters (& where they are located) in South Africa?


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