We say thank you to teachers

Just as we acknowledge that education is an essential part of the Aquarium’s function, we appreciate the invaluable work done by teachers in our schools. 

Our Teacher Loyalty Club is our way of saying thank you. 

Our Environmental Education Centre offers you more than just an excursion option – we provide vibrant and meaningful activities that complement the education curriculum. 

Designed with hands-on learning in mind, the centre is uniquely equipped to provide activities to enhance the Aquarium visit. 

For more information on our education programmes, contact schools@aquarium.co.za or call 021 418 3823.

Would you like to visit the Aquarium free for a year?

Become a Teacher Loyalty Club (TLC) member!


Bring at least 100 learners for a visit to the Aquarium at the learner rate (Subject to change without notice). Contact schools@aquarium.co.za  for more information.

What do you get?

This annual personalised membership card entitles the cardholder to:

  1. Free visits to the Aquarium from the date of issue. Simply bring your card along whenever you wish to visit.

  2. The opportunity for the Two Oceans Aquarium to contact you on a regular basis regarding updates to our facilities and the educational programmes, such as free teachers’ workshops on offer throughout the year.

  3. A host of other benefits.

Please note

  • You will need proof of identity, eg your ID document or driver's licence.

  • This offer is available only to teachers who are able to complete and collect their membership cards on the day of their school group visit.

How do you renew your card?

To renew your membership, simply bring another 100 children for a visit the following year and quote your membership card number.