Make the most out of your Aquarium visit – here are our recommended must-do activities.

Explore our exhibits

Immerse yourself in the wonders of the ocean. Visit our exhibits and learn about marine life. Even better, join us during feeding time to see a frenzy of activity, accompanied by a short talk from one of our staff.

Have a bite to eat

Grab a bite to eat - cheesecake, muffins and sandwhiches - or something drink - from coffee and tea to a glass of wine - at Café V, in front of the I&J Ocean Exhibit. 

Do a Penguin Encounter

Get up close and personal with the adorable rockhopper penguins of the Two Oceans Aquarium. Learn about our feathered friends and watch them being fed. They also love sitting in people's laps!

Look closer, feel closer

"Sea" life under the microscope! Check out our interactive exhibit that reveals the world of the very, very small. Also nearby is the Touch Pool, where you can pick up, touch and feel a variety of marine animals and plants.

Take a dive

Diving in the Aquarium offers the unique opportunity to get close to shoals of large predators such as yellowfin tuna, striped bonito, dusky kob and black- and white musselcracker – as well a three turtles: a dive that you can't experience in the natural environment.

Go for a boat ride

Spend 90 minutes on catamaran in Table Bay, learning all about the rich biodiversity of Cape Town’s waters, and looking out for dolphins, seals, sunfish and whales. You’ll hear from a trained guide about the unique upwelling systems off the South African coastline, and how this creates an ideal environment for an abundance of wildlife.