Feedback: Winter School: Grade 12 Life Sciences

Our recent Winter School: Grade 12 Life Sciences revision course, which was held during the June/July school holidays, drew interest from pupils from local high schools as well as 15 learners from Naphakade Secondary School in Malmesbury. These learners were fortunate to receive sponsorship from the local FET and joined learners from local schools for the five-day course.

The aim of the course was to cover the entire year’s Life Sciences syllabus.

Rather than focussing on only certain aspects, it was decided to tackle revision by means of summaries, explanations of processes and lots of sample exam questions, as well as providing a strong hands-on approach to finding solutions.

This required extensive research and preparation by Two Oceans Aquarium  Environmental Education Centre Senior Educator Xavier Zylstra and Two Oceans Aquarium Environmental Education Centre Deputy Head of Education Bianca Engel, but was (we believe) more beneficial, for all who attended.

The matrics left us with heads buzzing with new insight and an armful of notes, explanatory documents and sample exam papers. We will be keeping in close contact with them to see how their trial and final exams go.