Young & Junior Biologists

Junior Biologists get hands-on experience. Junior Biologists get hands-on experience.

Child programmes in 2014

Young Biologist Course

Due to the success of our annual De Beers sponsored Young Biologist programme, taking place during the September/October holidays, we run two YB courses per year both aimed at grade 10s.

These free courses will be aimed at Grade 10s learners who are passionate about the marine environment and committed to making a change. The course dates for 2014 are 31 March to 6 April  and 6 to 12 October. Like the September 2013 programme, the applicants will spend four days at the Two Oceans Aquarium after which the group spends three days at a camp. Upon the completion of the programme the learners are required to commit to at least 30 volunteer hours at the Two Oceans Aquarium.

Testimonials from YBs:

Dear Young Biologist Course Staff

I would like to give you all a great big thank you and a virtual hug! I had the most amazing experience on this course, organised by the most amazing people I have ever seen. The aquarium staff are a group of unique people, all so inspiring and enthusiastic that I am bursting with pride to have been able to learn all that I have from you.

The Young Biologist Course opens a thousand doors and minds every year. It changes ideas, lives and the future of the earth. It leaves every participant with new friends, standards, confidence and quite a significant amount of knowledge.

Thank you for giving back to the community. Thank you for walking the extra mile. Thank you for caring and sharing.

You are making a great difference to the lives of young South Africans.

Yours sincerely,

Emlyn Allwright – March 2013 Young Biologist


I would like to thank The Two Oceans Aquarium, the staff involved (Xavier Zylstra, Bianca Engel, Katja, Russell and the YBs involved ) who made the Young Biologist course possible. It was an important learning curve that offered new knowledge, fun and exposure. These mentioned staff made the course both enjoyable and also interacted very well with us! 

I would also like to thank De Beers Marine for their sponsorship and support in this course. Thanks also to Soetwater camp for offering the YBs a place that gave us an even closer encounter with the animals and plant life learned about during the duration of the Young Biologists course.

Thank you also to the caterers involved for the good food served at camp. I will never forget this amazing experience and all I learned and was exposed to!!

Yours sincerely,

Jessie Leverzencie – September 2013 Young Biologist from Wynberg Girls High School

Junior Biologist Course

Our education centre will also be running several Junior Biologist programmes, sponsored by the Two Oceans Aquarium and the City of Cape Town, throughout the year. These programmes are aimed at budding marine biologists in Grade 6 and 7, who have a keen interest in animals, the marine environment, and conservation issues.

  • Junior Biologist programme (Grade 6s) – 2, 9 and 16 March 2014
  • Smart Living Junior Biologist programme (Grade 7s) – 7 June 2014, 14-17 July 2014

Contact us

Letters of invitation for all programmes will be sent out to schools closer to the start of each programme. Should there be any questions, please contact Katja on +27 (0)21 418 3823 or