The Smart Living Challenge Zone, a new addition to the Aquarium, encourages visitors to think about their impact on the environment and to make environmentally responsible choices. These choices will not only help them save money, but also lower their consumption of water and energy, reduce their waste and enrich biodiversity. Stroll through the Penguin Exhibit to find the Challenge Zone as you exit towards the Ocean Basket Kelp Forest area.

Welcome to the Smart Living Challenge Zone

The Challenge Zone comprises of four digital interactive installations, which address the themes of energy, water, waste and biodiversity. The installations and accompanying signage and graphics convey the City of Cape Town’s key messages around these four themes.

Biodiversity Exhibit

The Biodiversity Exhibit shows visitors how their actions, positive and negative, impact on an ecosystem. Some of the negative issues addressed include illegal dumping, planting of invasive species, and throwing of burning cigarettes into the environment. Positive actions include composting, planting indigenous species, avoiding toads and frogs on roads, and buying organic food. Make your choices and see the effects!

Energy Exhibit

This exhibit consists of a 3D cityscape onto which various scenarios are projected. Through an interactive app, users learn about the different types of power generation including solar, wind, coal, hydroelectric and nuclear. Visitors are challenged to make choices around lighting, cooking and heating as well designing an energy-efficient home. Beware of loadshedding and take care of your enviro points!

Waste Exhibit

The Waste Exhibit encourages visitors to consider how their shopping choices contribute to the production of waste which ends up in landfill. Household items including laundry detergent, paper plates, gift wrapping and disposable nappies are some of the items which visitors can scan in order to learn about smarter shopping choices. Scan, decide and make a difference to the environment!

Water Touch Screen

The Water Touch Screen challenges visitors to answer a series of questions in order to stop leaking pipes and taps that are represented in an animated plumbing system. A virtual water container fills up with when questions are answered correctly. It will require multiple visitors to work as a team to win the game. Stop the leaks; save water; work together!