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Programmes for adults

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The Aquarium’s Environmental Education Centre has over ten years of experience in adult education. We offer custom-designed courses, focusing particularly on the marine and coastal environment, for both private and government sectors.

Over the years we have presented courses to a wide range of groups including Coastcare workers, the Cape Tour GuidesAssociation, SANParks compliance officers, the Sharkspotters, students from the University of Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT),  teachers from schools around the Peninsula, and members of the public as part of our volunteer training programmes.

Recent training projects have been in partnership with the City of Cape Town, WWF and the Western Cape Education Department (WCED).

Ocean ambassadors

Do you love the oceans? Would you like to be immersed in a fascinating underwater world of colour, beauty, tranquility and magic?

Discover the wonders of the oceans surrounding Cape Town and meet some of your marine neighbours. Volunteer at the Two Oceans Aquarium!

City of Cape Town Blue Flag beach programme

This programme is offered to Blue Flag Beach staff and includes content which addresses the following:

  • What coastal processes dominate the South African coastline including beaches, dunes, wave platforms and estuaries? 

  • How do beaches fit into Cape Town’s geology?

  • How do we measure the water quality at Cape Town’s beaches?

  • How will climate change impact on Cape Town’s beaches?

  • How can you and I make a difference in terms of our carbon footprints?

  • How can we balance shark conservation and beach safety?

  • How do the National Environment Management Act and the Integrated Coastal Management Act help us to manage our beaches?

  • How can we apply non-violent communication techniques while enforcing the law?

WWF’s Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI) restaurant training course

We conduct interactive SASSI training courses for those restaurants in Cape Town that are interested in or have joined SASSI’s restaurant participation scheme. The course is designed to equip restaurant owners, managers and chefs with information and skills so that they can develop sustainable seafood strategies in their businesses and includes sections on:

  • The state of our marine resources in South Africa.

  • Understanding the problems related to overfishing.

  • SASSI’s sustainable seafood solutions.

  • The benefits of sustainable seafood and how to implement SASSI in business.

During the course registered participants receive SASSI’s Practical Guide to Sustainable Seafood (a manual for the course) as well as an interactive DVD to assist with in-house training of their waitrons and kitchen staff. Participants also have access to the Aquarium so that they are able to see living specimens of the animals which they are accustomed to serving to their clientele as seafood.

The course is offered to all existing members of SASSI’s restaurant participation scheme and is a mandatory requirement for all restaurants wanting to join the scheme.

For more information on SASSI’s restaurant participation scheme and the benefits associated with sustainable seafood, please find a copy of SASSI’s Business guide to Sustainable Seafood online here.

Please contact the Environmental Education Centre on 021 418 3823 or education@aquarium.co.za for more information on adult courses.

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